The Potel-Triscol pre-pruning machine derives from the "Potel" trimmer, a machine with cut obtained through a cutting bar acting in vertical with respect to the row (1.70 m L, standard version), to be used for the pruning of the summer vegetation of the vines, with a chassis allowing the insertion of two horizontal blades (about 0.80 m L, standard version), in feathered position for the pre-pruning of the vines during the winter on vineyards grown in simple curtain, spurred cordon, GDC.


Designed to be positioned on the lateral front part of every type of tractor through a suitable plate. The assembly and disassembly are facilitated by a trestle supplied with the equipment. The operation of the machine is completely hydraulic and is obtained through the hydraulic power outlet on the tractor or, on demand, through a hydraulic central assembled on the hoist. The movements of the machine can be controlled from the driver's seat through a 5-lever distributor: the first one, featuring an anti-shock safety system in compliance with the safety rules, has the function to operate the cutting bars; the second one adjusts the working heights (stroke of about 0.65 m); the third one guides the lateral displacement (stroke of 0,50 m); the fourth one controls the inclination of the cutting bar (+ 38°); the fifth one is available for further controls on demand. "Potel-Triscol" has an approximate weight of 160 kg.


This equipment is used for the winter pruning/shredding of the vineyards grown in espalier at low spurred cordon, to eliminate all seasonal vegetation, now become woody, above the fruit bearing cordon between the support wires of the row: this allows a final spare of 70/80% on labour costs. Pre-pruning machine consisting of 9 pairs of cutting discs (working capacity 80 cm approximately) on hydraulic double columns (possibility of inserting pairs of discs).


  1. Hydraulic block with valves and flow divider
  2. Electrical control for the emergency opening of the cagesLateral position adjustment (mechanical translation)
  3. Special chassis with hydraulic movements: lifting and inclination (possibility of fitting trimmer and defoliator)Hydraulic central independent from the tractor, to be fitted on three points of the rear hoist (capacity of the tank 70 liters approximately, with pump and multiplier) ad directly connected to the power outlet of the tractor
  4. Anchoring plate and support trestle for machine at rest


The roller pruning unit consists of a lopping retractor operating over the poles with electro-hydraulic rapid control. The cutting discs can be positioned depending on your type of plant (easily demountable spacers).

Adjustable retractor depending on the type of poles used.


The pre-pruning machine consists of two columns consisting of cages conveying the shoots and cutting discs (blades) working in opposite direction. The former ones convey the shoots towards the center of the two columns, while the cutting blades located inside each cage, operating in inverse direction, perform an optimal cut of the shoots. The height and width adjustment, as well as the opening of the two columns of discos, is obtained through cylinders controlled through electro-valves for rapid maneuvering. Available with 3, 4, and 5 rotary discs each column, according to the needs.

Pre-pruning machines

Colombardo includes in its range of pre-pruning machines various models designed to meet any request of the customers.


In fact our company can offer three versions:


* Triscol", kit of lateral bars to be mounted on the chassis of a trimmer of ours, for lateral operation


* with double driving columns and


* with cages; both models working over-the rows for the complete processing of the row to be pruned.