"Accessories for Vineyards” is a trademark registered by Mollificio Effemme srl.

A pool of producers joined under a sole Trademark able to offer you products and services for Wineries and Vineyards. The Viticulture sector has adapted its conception to the new technologies on the fields. For this reason investing in the new technologies means saving costs on the vineyard management.

Accessories for Vineyards is able to follow your needs since the beginning, from the plants purchasing till to the equipments for wineries.

We can Select for yu the best products and services on the market such as:


  • Accessories for Vineyarsd
  • Vineyards & Orchards Posts
  • Wire for Vineyards and Orchards
  • Anit-Hail System Trump
  • Machinery for Vineyards
  • Machinery for Oenology
  • Metallic Baskets
  • Oak Baskets
  • Oak Barrels
  • Corks
  • Wirehoods
  • Tehcnical Consulting for Vineyards

Project, furniture and realization of complete vineyards for table grape and wine grape including a study and feasibility project, economical plan of investment and amortization, analysis of materials and varieties, clone and rootstock of plants.


Thanks to our partnerships, we also supply specialized consulting in implanting such as:

• Gps Marking out

• Setting up and Marking out

• Manual and Mechanical Plants Laying

• Posts and Anchors Laying

• Spreading of Wire & Accessories to complete the plant

• Root Stock Life Warranty


Accessoris for Vineyards' philosophy is to be present in each part of Italy and World throught existing trade nets in collaboration with its customers and distributors.

Our trade line and the excellent business relationship with our resellers has been always considered as a proof of our good faith in accordance with general rules of fairness.

For this reason if your company is interested to becoming our distributors, please contact us to the following link.


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The court of Trieste - Specialized section for enterprises - with application filed on 3th March 2015, according to the lawsuit ex art. 700 c.p.c r.g. n. 1903/13, submitted by Mollificio Effemme srl to verify the forgery of the device showed in the picture above related to the italian patent n. 262992, it has ascertained that there's no any forgery committed by our company and it has authorized to start the production of the same article.

"Accessories for Vineyards Winner of Innovation Award Fiera Agricola 2016"

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